2018 List of Top 5 Softball Gloves

As amazing as the story behind the origins of Softball is, one can’t help but fall in love with the fast paced recreational indoor kinda feeling of this sport. That Yale alumnus had no idea, while hurling that boxing glove at the broomstick holding Harvard supporter; that the game would turn into a sensation among the american crowds.

7 innings of paced game with Slow and Fast variations considers less equipment compliance and more equipment features. That’s not something to frown upon, instead this is what makes the game more enjoyable. Softball Gloves in this case are equipment which help the player in maintaining their pitching, batting, throwing, and even scooping/picking techniques.

We have here the top of the line softball gloves listed for you so that you’re able to enhance your game and do the utmost justice to your ball game skills. They’ve been listed after due testing and verification with respect to the League rules and general regulations.

Franklin Sports Windmill Series Lightweight Softball Glove, 11-Inch

After the PRO Series by Franklin for Baseball Gloves this Windmill Series is another pioneer in the field of lightweight Softball Gear. The Soft PU Laminated construction on finest imported cowhide and breathable mesh pads, offer great comfort and good grip. The close knit technical mesh shell which they claim to be an enabler in terms of catching those tricky basket catches and bad hops. 11 inch make is perfect for fast pitch and custom rear leather provides the support for soft pitching. Chose this one for an all-purpose role and lightweight application.

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

There’s a thing about the pigskin full grain leather and its oil treated application which only Mizuno has realised. A soft and tensile palm leather is what Mizuno boasts off with this variant of Prospect Series Youth Softball Gloves.

The MZO Lining inside the stitching provides an easy way for perspiration to escape from players’ skin. It helps in avoiding rashes and smell of sweat from hands. Butter soft palm liner that this model sports, is super smooth and works well for the aggressive players as well. Chose this one if you’re a moderately rugged player your softball mitts wear off more than often.

Wilson A2000 V125 SuperSkin Fastpitch Glove

Wilson’s Victory Web tech has been critically acclaimed for providing the player with a deeper catch spot on the glove, wider mesh shell and deeper solid pocket. Catch and Throw, both mastered with one simple stroke of these features. Superskin glove material helps in reducing the weight of the gloves, so that the palms don’t feel driven and player practices a control over swing motions. It’s also utterly durable with Dual Welting used for the Stock hide leather. Wilson sure lives up its reputation with these pair of Softball Gloves.

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher's Mitt

Changing your gear with an upgrade of your gameplay is always a concern. The right gear should not demean your talent and experience and the expansion of your techniques with the nes equipment should not bother your performance. Mizuno Prospect Youth Catcher’s Mitt is designed for transitional youth league players.

The power close design provides the catcher with ease in Closing the ball while catching it without having the need to break-in the glove from the first play itself. Unlike other gloves the V-FLex notch for this glove helps in a firm and comfortable closure. Choose this one for the transitional players and cost optimization.

Rawlings RSB Softball Glove Series

This 12.5” softpitch glove is perfect for the adult leagues where players are more concerned about the fun of the game and not the technicalities. The traditional back leather mesh with additional Velcro Strap Closures and Basket Web Designs are meant for only one purpose- to provide deeper and more comfortable pockets which ensure that no catch bumps from your grasp. This is the most economic pick from the complete list, assuring long years of service. The purists would love to have this awesome Slowpitch Glove.


Outfielders are flyball guys, while infielders are grounders; watch out for the open mesh and closed mesh with respect to your positioning on the field. It’s always better to forsake functionality and chase purpose of the glove.

It seems to be very less a difference between the glove sizes, but 12.5” and 13” can make a whole lot of difference to your game. The reason being the extent of your reach as well as the size of the ball play a vital role in the success of your catch and they need to conform to your glove. Always check the sizing chart of the respective producer before making the purchase decision.

Full Grain, steerhide, pigskin and cowhide; to most of the players this might seem irrelevant information; but the blend between impact resilience, durability and comfort is decided by the kind of material you glove’s made of. Do not make the mistake of overlooking this factor.

For more tips on how to choose the right outfielder’s glove or how to correctly break your glove; you can come back again to check out more reviews. Softball is more than anything a recreational sport and despite all the technicality never forget that; one who cannot enjoy Softball cannot enjoy anything in life.

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