Best Baseball Gloves

Best Baseball Gloves

In the game of baseball, the glove plays a major role and it can prevent injuries as well as prolong your playing career. It is more important for the youths who are new to the game so that they do not find the game hurting their palm. Different gloves are made up of different designs and materials. We have listed the top 5 best baseball gloves from the best baseball glove brands. They are all a value for money products and you need to go through them to understand why they deserve your purchase.

1. Rawlings Player Baseball Glove

The product has featured under Amazon’s Choice for the baseball glove category due to its high sales figure and high average rating. This is the ultimate baseball glove you need and it is classified under slow-pitch baseball glove. There is zero shock padding on the palm area and therefore, it is impact resistant while catching the ball. Moreover, it has a quick and easy break-in which is always a desirable feature. There is the Flex-loop Velcro strap for easy adjustability and the basket web allows you to play nearly everywhere in the field. It is undoubted the best baseball glove available.

2. Franklin Sports Baseball Gloves

This baseball glove is available in many different sizes and is made up of premium synthetic leather. This is durable and perfect for the recreational player. This is fully adjustable and the contour fit system allows having customizable thumb alterations. This will not wear and tear even if used for a prolonged time. The pocket, which is hand-formed in the glove, is perfect for an easy catch or scoop up. The design of the modified trapeze web will provide good depth. This is also lightweight and comes in yellow color. The glove is very comfortable and can also be used for other sports. This is a value for money and is one of the best baseball gloves on the list.

3. Mizuno GPP1100Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

With this baseball glove, you will be able to make easy catching thanks to its Patented Power Close technology. You will also be able to make a good performance and get a maximum fit with the power lock closure. This will enable young players to catch in the right way. This is lightweight and can also be used for other sports. This is made up of leather and will enhance the infield experience of a youth. It is very soft and very comfy on the hand. The basket web design of the glove is perfect to get a catch and also to throw the ball. It is the best youth baseball glove to opt for.

4. Rawlings Youth Series Baseball Glove

Rawlings is one of best baseball glove brands. This baseball glove is available in many sizes and you can pick the one which gives you a perfect fit. This also comes in different colors and will offer you great control. With the Youth Pro Taper Fit pattern, it will offer good opening even for smaller hands. This is an all-leather glove which is perfect for youths. This is also very durable and the all-leather lacing makes it ideal for shortstops and basemen. The glove is comfortable and has got cushioned finger back lining. Additionally, there is also an index finger and palm padding. This will give you a secure fit and is perfect for growing hands which is why many consider it the best youth baseball glove.

5. Wilson Infield Baseball Glove

Another great baseball glove, this one will last for a long time as it is made of pro-stock leather. It is available in a size of 11.5 inches and will keep your hand dry and cool. This has the Dri-Lex wrist lining and there is also dual welting which provides a durable pocket. This looks very attractive and is a good performing glove. This has been crafted to give you comfort as well as to enhance your performance. This is lightweight and will not break-off soon. The great quality glove will be loved by your kids.


While buying a baseball glove, you need to pay attention to its main four parts. They are the webbing, fingers, palm, and the heel. Each one of them is important in determining which is the best one of the lot. Whether you are a pitcher, first base, third base, outfielder, or catcher, the above-mentioned baseball gloves are suitable for any position. However, you have to choose the size correctly in order to ensure perfect fitting. The MATERIALS are durable and there is enough padding to prevent impact. It is always better to buy any sports accessory from reputed brands as you can trust in their quality products blindly.

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