Best Softball Glove

A softball is a modified baseball which is suitable for playing in a small field. It is softer and larger than baseball and suitable for those who are getting started in the baseball game. Even though it is softer, one needs the best softball glove to play the game. Some of these gloves are suitable for the pitchers while others are suitable for the fielders at any position. There are different features available that are unique to each one of the top 5 softball gloves we have mentioned below. Go through the description and choose the best one as per your requirement.

1. Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves

This is the best softball glove by far and there are various sizes available. This one is a 13-inch and comes in two colors. You can choose between right hand and left hand glove. The palm has high-density cushioned leather which prevents the impact of high-speed softballs. Moreover, the Neo-Flex back along with the Velcro strap makes it highly adjustable. Furthermore, the presence of the Pro-H web allows you to use the glove in any position of the field you play in. Therefore, it is not only the best mens softball glove but also the most versatile softball glove.

2. Franklin Sports Master Series Baseball Gloves

This is an attractive looking softball glove which available in many sizes. It comes with the contour fit system which will let you adjust the thumb. Apart from softball, this is also ideal for t-ball and baseball. This has a hand-formed pocket which is suitable for a perfect catch or easy scoop up. It is also very thick and is a durable product. Made with premium synthetic leather, the glove is perfect for the recreational player. With its basket web design, you will be able to secure fly balls. It is also very deep and very comfortable when you put them on. There is no doubt that it is one of the best softball gloves available.

3. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Series Softball Glove

This is a lightweight softball glove which can also be used for other sports. It comes with a mesh shell construction and has an adjustable wrist closure. Compiled with a soft PU palm, this has the rawhide lacing. It looks very attractive and very comfortable when you put them on. This will be loved by everyone due to its feel and will protect your hands during any professional play. The glove is also easy to mold as it is made up of nice material. This can be a perfect gift for your children.

4. Wilson Slowpitch Glove

This is a 13-inch softball glove which comes with a pro-tech padding. The genuine leather palm will give you a comfortable feel. In this, there is a Velcro wrist strap and includes a closed V-lace web. This will give you the ability to play in the field and you can adjust the tightness with its settings. The versatile glove is great for amateur players and will fit large hands. That is why many consider this as the best mens softball glove. It has a deep pocket which will act like a catching basket and is perfect for heavy catching and throwing balls. It will work perfectly on slow-pitch game balls.

5. Mizuno Prospect Finch Slowpitch Glove

This is one of the most stylish and best softball gloves which have got full grain leather palm. The pigskin back is very strong and offers great durability. With the PowerClose technology, you will be able to clean it conveniently. This will also give you an outstanding protection as it is shock absorbent. In addition to this, the glove is very comfortable and has got PU palm lining on it. It will also disperse perspiration from your hand and keep them dry. Besides, this is lightweight and is available in four different sizes. It has an attractive look and will boost your performance when you are in the field.


There are different sizes of softball gloves available and if you are left-handed, you can choose the glove accordingly. There is protection on the palm to prevent the impact and the high-speed softballs. All the softball gloves we have listed are highly durable and have unique design mechanism to provide the ultimate comfort and keeping the hands dry. The grip will be outstanding and they are rather lightweight so that they can boost your performance rather than hindering which is the case with the heavy ones. Compare the products and understand the differences before buying so that you can buy the most profitable one as per your requirements.

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