Most trusted Softball Bats for Slowptich Play

Slowpoke: Most trusted Softball Bats for Slowptich Play

Ever wondered why you can’t use a single softball bat for multiple team players, even if they have the same weight and height. No two softball bats are made the same, and that’s why it’s very tedious to choose one.

Slowpitch vs Fastpitch softball bats has ever been the topic of debate. You’d find many arguments for a fastpitch bat being sufficient enough for a slowpitch bat but the truth is slowpitch softball bats have their unique set of skills. Slowpitch bats need to have a very wide sweet spot and they need to support a good trampoline effect before and after the swing.

There are a thousand other peculiarities which we can go talking on about; but instead let’s directly find the Best 5 Slowpitch Softball Bat options; which comply by all these parameters.

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Ever wanted to have an extra load on your bat so that you could hit it harder than regular. Mizen Psycho series ensures that you’re able to get the right pop and the right control over your slowpitch shots at the same time. The extra load of 0.5 ounces helps in doing so.

HPI injected Epoxy into the Carbon Fibre comes with the proprietary claim of enhancing the distance you can go with the Slowpitch Softball Bat. Certified afresh for the latest compliance under the 2018 rules this is surely the choice for hard hitters.

Easton ASA HAMMER Slow Pitch Softball Bat -6

Slowpitch bats are evidently assumed to be heavier than others, but Easton doesn’t believes so. With the ALX50 military grade aluminum construct reduces the weight drastically. The combination of this material with the one piece make ensures easier swings and a impact arrest affect that helps the bat to transfer the power received on impact. Slowpitches are meant to lure one into hitting and with this one you’re going to hit not only long but crafty as well. The -6 drop and the durable material is the buying feature one should go for.

DeMarini 2017 Uprising ASA/USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat: WTDXUPS

Sting free batting is a promise most Slowpitch Softball bats offer, but hardly anyone is able to live up to their promises. With DX1 Grade Aluminium in the ringer the energy absorption without any transfer makes this issue redundant. Grip’s a problem always because slow pitch batting is all about a firm grip that doesn’t slips, with the hybrid performance grip short stops to home runs everything becomes easy. Choose this one for the firm grip and optimized lightweight performance.

Louisville Slugger SB12A

Contact hitters always find that most bats are designed for power hitter and that their choice either comes very expensive or isn’t that effective when it comes to clearing that gap. The Louisville SB12A is an Armor series Slowpitch bat from Slugger for Contact hitters and Power hitters alike. The TPS Design and Barrel to Grip optimization for Vibration absorption makes this bat shoot those pop ups easily without hurting the hitter. 31/32 inch handle with synthetic leather grip also ensures a comfortable play. Choose this one if you’re a hybrid hitter and if comfort is an evident factor for your best gameplay.

Combat Maxum SSUSA Senior Slowpitch Bat Balanced MAXSR1B

The bat exclusively made for only senior leagues, Combat Maxxum Bat uses PMT process of precision molding which means more cushioning. Weighing just 27 ounces for a 34 inch barrel this is the bat that conquers over the qualms of getting a lightweight hard hitting bat. With the Maxxum tech usage which is common but not perfected among other producers the bat has virtually eliminated itself from the weak spots and rendered a consistency to the surface which makes for a very (we mean really very big) sweet spot. This is the most economic piece of bat from the list featured herein and that’s going to be your decision maker for purchase.


Slowpitch Bats and slowpitch games rely on the resilience of both the player and his/her gear. You may try to go for composite bats more often, they provide better performance because of their weight to power ratios but most leagues have certain restrictions for them. Keep checking the trends, don’t change your bat to often and upgrade for sure when you’ve practiced a lot with one kind of bat, helps you to tune your slowpitch game. A single trick on a slow pitch field is not going to last for long. Keep watching this space for more such information and reviews.

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