Top 5 Best Fast Pitch Softball Gloves

Just as there is a difference between fast and slow pitching, so there is a difference between fast pitch and slow pitch softball gloves. It makes sense to have two gloves which are suited to the different methods of pitching.

Before you buy your softball glove, it is important to know which style you need as slow pitch gloves are not suited for fast pitching.

Once you know which style of glove you need, take a moment to check out our reviews of the top 5 best fastpitch softball gloves.

1. Wilson A2000 V125 SuperSkin Fastpitch Glove

This glove comes in a size 12.5inch size and has Velcro at the wrist for a secure and close fit every time. Not only is the glove comfortable, it is also durable and strong. The Velcro allows the glove to be worn by players with different wrist size.

You will notice right away that the D-fusion pocket pad in the palm means no stinging of the palm. The leather is super soft, and the glove is lightweight.

The glove breaks in quickly and once broken in will last from season to season. The dual welting ensures that the pocket stays intact for longer.

Even though this is a lightweight glove, it is built to withstand rough throwing and catching, making it one of the best fastpitch softball gloves on the market.

2. Mizuno Prospect Select Fastpitch Softball Glove

This glove is made from full grain leather for greater strength and durability. The palm is very protective due to the lining which gives it the soft feeling.

The glove is closed by using a polyurethane power lock to secure it at the wrist, while the thumb area is hinged to increase flexibility.

These gloves are often preferred by younger female players because they are not only comfortable but strong and durable.

The lining inside is moisture wicking, thus keeping the palm dry and free from abrasion, and stopping the hand from moving around in the glove.

The glove is tailored to young, female players’ hands and is robust enough to stand up to rough throwing and catching.

3. Wilson A2000 P12 Fastpitch Glove

You will see that the glove comes with a Velcro closure tab at the wrist for a better and more secure fit. The D-fusion pocket pad delivers a comfortable palm area with no additional sting on catching.

The glove is constructed from Pro stock leather which is not only comfortable but also attractive. There is dual welting to make sure that the pocket is durable.

The glove comes in a 12-inch size and delivers a snug fit to any hand, making it one of the best fastpitch softball gloves. Both right and left-hand gloves are available.

4. Easton Synergy Fastpitch Series Glove

This glove has been oil tanned to give a soft, pliable leather. The wrist is made up of a lock-down adjustable Velcro strap for extra security, while the palm is shock absorbing.

You will find that the glove is lightweight and flexible while still absorbing shock from impact. The glove comes with a soft finger lining for added comfort.

While this glove will fit most smaller hands, it has been perfectly designed for female players with slightly smaller hands and is one of the best fastpitch softball gloves for that purpose.

5. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Gloves

You will notice right away that this glove is made of a lightweight mesh shell construction. The palm area is soft PU-laminated for extra comfort as well as support.

The adjustable wrist closure means that the glove will comfortably fit all sizes of wrist. The palm is contoured for better fit and more ball control, and the glove comes with multi-positional flexibility.

Because of the unique contour design of the hand shaping, the glove is suited to most players and playing styles.

The glove is light enough to be worn comfortably for extended periods, while still delivering optimum support and comfort, making it one of the best fastpitch softball gloves on the market.


Buying your fastpitch softball glove is a personal choice. The glove that suits one player may not work for the next player, but we know that you will find your perfect glove from our review of the top 5 best fastpitch softball gloves.

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