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Top 5 Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves

There are two types of softball gloves, namely slow pitch and fast pitch. Both are designed to do different things, and one glove does not work for the whole game. Before you invest your money in a glove, be sure that you know which type you are going to need.

While some larger baseball gloves can work for slow pitch softball, generally it is better to buy gloves which have been designed for the purpose.

Slowpitch softball gloves range from about 12 inches to 15 inches and have pockets which are shaped to catch the softball.

There are literally hundreds of slow pitch softball gloves on the market, and here we have reviewed the top five best slow pitch softball gloves for you.

1. Louisville Slugger TPS 14 Inch WTLPSRS1814 Slowpitch Softball Glove

You will notice that this glove has a dual post web and comes in a 13.5-inch size. This is the glove if you are a serious slow pitch player. The glove is constructed of top-of-the-line leather.

The Slugger has been designed, assembled, and tested to deliver the maximum performance every time. The colours are red and white, and the stitch-work is superior over the entire glove, making this slow pitch softball glove stand out.

The leather is top-shelf and made to withstand and last for many years, making this one of the best slowpitch softball gloves that you can buy.

2. Wilson A600 13-Inch Slow Pitch Fielder's Glove

This glove comes ‘game-ready’ and has dual welting, with a patented pre-curved finger design. This feature gives the glove a stable pocket. Having pre-curved fingers means that you can make more plays.

The glove is constructed from 100% full-grain leather which gives it a feel of quality and durability. The glove is soft and needs only to be worn to break it in.

The lining at the wrist is ultra-breathable to prevent any moisture build-up and abrasion, keeping your hand dry for extended periods.

The glove is solid and sturdily made and built for rugged play, making it one of the best men’s slow pitch softball gloves for the money.

3. DeMarini Diablo Slow Pitch Glove

The new Diablo glove is constructed from ECCO leather which you will agree is unsurpassed for quality and comfort.

You will notice that the palm is made of Sorbothane shock-absorbing fabric which allows you to feel the ball but not feel pain, so less likely chance of an injury to the hand.

The wrist is made from Dri-lex Ultra breathable lining for extra wicking, meaning less chance of any abrasions.

The glove measures 14-inches and has a crossbar web design for extra durability. It comes already broken in and does not need anything more done to it before you wear it for a game.

You will see that the glove is quite light, weighing in at a little over a pound, making it one of the best slowpitch softball gloves for the money.

4. Easton Slowpitch 1400 glove

This glove is constructed from high-quality tanned cowhide which is finely textured and soft. While you need to break the glove in when you receive it, this is quickly done because the leather is so pliable. The leather is extremely durable, and the glove is designed to play hard.

The palm padding is VRS shock absorbing to protect against injuries to the palm. The palms come with a double deep hollow, which is wider and deeper than many others. The deeper pocket makes this one of the best slow pitch softball gloves and comes in a size 13-inch, also featuring an A-beam web design.

5. Miken KO Series Slowpitch First Baseman's Fielding Gloves

This glove is not only lightweight, but it is also made from soft, full-grain leather and comes game ready.

The palms are constructed of Poron XRD palm pads to reduce ball impact and thus prevent injuries. The laces are well made and durable and easily adjusted to suit any size wrist.

The tanned leather is durable and strong as well as feeling soft. The glove comes in a size 13-inch

with single post web and support base, making it one of the best men’s slow pitch softball gloves for the money.


Softball gloves are always a personal choice, but we think that you will find the right one from our list of the top 5 best slow pitch softball gloves. Most of them can be ordered in either right or left hand.

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