Top Line BBCOR Baseball Bats

Top Line BBCOR Baseball Bats- Best 5 of Mid year 2018 review

Not many players are aware that why their coach suggests a BBCOR Bat for Senior League Plays. Bats taken from senior players and transferred off through generations at school often fall under this category. Most BBCOR Bats have survived long enough to serve multiple batches of players from the same team, the reason being…

BBCOR Bats are tested on multiple parameters like ABI (Accelerated Break In) Test, a 5% reduction of previous BESR standards and Restitution Tests for decreased loss of contact power.

Now that you know what standards BBCOR bats ensure, let’s find out the bats which live up to these expectations in the best manner and provide your with all the features expected form a BBCOR Baseball Bat.

Easton MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

The two-piece ConneXion technology used in this bat is not just conjoined materials, it’s fused pieces for maximum energy transfer and least sting for the player’s palms. The composite used in this two-piece connexion is a thermo composite which enables fastest swinging possible. The Swing weight index of the barrel is exactly 1.0 higher than the handle which ensures that the energy transfer and contact area is maximum possible for a good game. Choose this for the technical innovation that Easton Mako enables into the Baseball Batting.

Rawlings BBR53-3 5150 Alloy BBCOR Approved High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat

Balanced weight is something that’s an acquired taste in Baseball Batting and BBCOR Regulations have a provision for this as well. Rawlings BBR53-3 is Rawlings 5150 series bat which adheres to such BBCOR rules. The PoP (precision over performance) technology Version 2.0 maximizes balancing between the barrel and end cao of the bat. A fine trampoline effect with aerospace grade 5150 aluminium alloy ensures higher durability as well. Choose this for the near wood like experience that it ensures for the player.

DeMarini 2015 CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3)

The 3-Fusion technology that DeMarini developed in 2018, is meant for extreme weight control which means that the fastest pitches and the most devious pitchers would now not be a problem for your bat to carry. Your baseball bat handles are required to be no slippery and study in terms of absorbing vibrations, that the intention behind limiting the BBCOR to 0.5. The Flame tampered handles of DeMarini CF7 take care of this aspect. This BBCOR Baseball Bat is meant for light weight, high power and high tech gameplays, chose this one for the best in class quality and best weight control.

Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat

The barrel and handle being fused with a harmonic dampening system, carries the vibration within the material without letting it escape thereby exhausting it within the bat. That’s the AV2 (anti-vibration version 2) technology which Marucci is using in these BBCRO Men’s Baseball Bat. The CAT 7 technology is aimed at precision contouring of the bat to provide a sweet spot that ensures maximum contact area, maximum energy transfer and minimal impact dissonance. The AZ4X aluminium alloy is only meant for strength and no other purpose, which is why this is the most sturdy bat from our list. What more reasons would anyone want??

Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo 619 (-3) 2 5/8" BBCOR Baseball Bat

Speed- one word for this Slugger® Hitter. SBC (Speed Ballistic Composite) end cap provides highest swing speed in the league of all 2019 Baseball Bats out there. Tack Grips are great for grip and strong swings but cushion grip helps in maintaining ease and reducing sting effects, both are equally important. Slugger® Solo 619’s Louisville Pro Comfort Grip™ gives you a perfect mix of both. SL Hyper Alloy for stiffer contact, VIBEX™ premium vibration dampening for reducing sting (esp.) on mis-hits; and special swing weight optimization. This pick is dream pick for all factors that a BBCOR player could imagine.


BBCOR Baseball Bats are meant for more discipline and better results from more seasoned players and that’s what these 5 picks ensure. The lesser the difference between exit speeds of the baseball and swing speeds; the better a hitters game is. With our suggestions we’re sure you be able to evolve into a new league of game and make the best use of your hard hitting skills.

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